Multi-chapter Airsoft Game?

Last month, I had the idea of coming up with my most ideal airsoft game. Here's a list of the things that I want to include in the game scenario: (1) the gameplay has to be a little more complex; (2) there must be a storyline that fits the game scenario; and, (3) it involves several games (or chapters) but each game still follows the storyline.

Given those simple requirements, i did not realize it would be such a complex task. At the moment, i have developed five chapters in a story complete with the story line, game scenario, mission objectives, and multiple-outcomes. According to an airsofter friend i consulted, the five-chapter scenario is difficult to follow. It look's like we won't be able to play my "game" anytime soon. If we do, we might focus only on the game scenario instead of following the whole five-chapter storyline.

Anyway, i'll refine my chapter 1 a little more then post it here for anybody who's interested. Hopefully, i can find time to do a story chart/diagram to make it easier to follow.

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ICS M4 disassembly guide

Great instructional video

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ICS M4 CQB ... I want!

I've been looking for an AEG specifically for CQB games. At present i have an ICS M4 RIS that is sometimes unwieldy for CQB games. I regularly snag the tip of the muzzle snap shooting out of standard 90cm-100cm doorways (at the EVSU site). I am considering any of the following as my next AEG purchase: the G&P CQB M4 that comes with a red-dot scope or (on the recommendation of my gunsmith) and SRC M4 CQB variant. The former is expensive; the latter is cheaper.

However, this review of the ICS M4 CQB line up from ArniesAirsoft adds another M4 CQB brand to my list of possible purchases.

It's a rave, which i totally agree with. If ICS build quality is carried through in their CQB line, then i'm pretty sure there would be a lot of satisfied AEG owners out there. However, eventual minor modifications like the air seal nozzle, hop up rubber, and a new piston body will most likely be required in this ICS CQB line.

I wonder how much the unit will cost here in Tacloban.

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